This is true for all forms of energy used to propel cars today. You have a container holding a substance or chemistry that contains high amounts of energy; should that container fail the risk of fire or explosion is high. Look at how much protection Tesla puts into their battery packs to make sure they're not… » 11/21/14 9:38am Friday 9:38am

Packaging flexibility may be another consideration. The engine itself is of course smaller and while the intercooler, plumbing and turbos do add weight, they're flexible in placement which could potentially allow the center mass to be placed further rearward than what could be done with a v8. » 11/20/14 11:57am Thursday 11:57am

Been there, done that. It often boils down to you know what the problem is and that parts will be necessary to fix it. Even if you haven't gotten approval from upper management to issue a recall, the parts are still going to be necessary regardless. » 11/10/14 9:38am 11/10/14 9:38am

I have to disagree. While your title is 100% accurate, it still panders to the not-so-dated conception that antifreeze is toxic; leading people to believe Fireball contains some toxic ingredient that could kill them. I know anti-freeze today is safer and yet I still immediately assumed Fireball was being recalled due… » 10/29/14 1:51pm 10/29/14 1:51pm

I'll admit, my last car buying experience wasn't too bad. I sat down with the salesman and his manager for about 15 minutes and we discussed prices, but it wasn't some high pressure back and forth bullshit. I low balled a price based on other examples of the car that had sold in the area and we ultimately settled just… » 10/24/14 9:47am 10/24/14 9:47am