Proactive cruise control instead of reactive. It's already been tested on trucks; why can't cruise control be tied into GPS and a topography database to help the car anticipate hills. This could be used to make the car hold a gear rather than hunt between two as it over and under accelerates, or just allow the car to… » 2/27/15 11:48am Friday 11:48am

Depends a lot on the car. There has been some work done lately to build engines designed to run solely on E85 and the numbers have been impressive. Cummins has a direct injected 4 cylinder they've been developing that is touting power and economy on par with diesel engines. » 2/19/15 12:19pm 2/19/15 12:19pm

Had one... actually liked it. Stretched chassis that allowed me to go from the driver's seat to the seat behind it without readjusting anything (I'm 6'4") and wagon-like utility. Not the best in looks, but I'd take a Maxx over a Malibu sedan any-day. » 2/16/15 10:01am 2/16/15 10:01am

Most electric power steering systems are actually reasonably compact and light weight. For instance, my Cruze has an electric motor mounted directly to the rack; not any larger than an 80s starter, but I suspect not as dense either. On the Malibu I had it was an assembly built into the steering column. » 2/13/15 11:48am 2/13/15 11:48am

For the base look for a disc off disc harrow or disc plow. Usually it's 0.1" (or there-abouts) thick steel ranging anywhere from 10" and up; they also have a nice convex shape. Over time these wear out and farmers will just scrap them. Ask around at a local farm equipment dealership and they will likely point you to a… » 2/09/15 11:21am 2/09/15 11:21am

Their system is somewhat misleading. As they lack a center differential they can not bias up to 70% at any time and any load. Assuming all four wheels have traction they can only achieve up to 50% as this would be the condition when the clutch is effectively locked (same condition as a part time 4wd system). Once the… » 2/06/15 7:08pm 2/06/15 7:08pm

Did they cut a part out? It was my understanding that the detent in the switch did not work to spec or that the spec may have been insufficient. This is a manufacturing or design-specification problem, not a matter of cutting cost by leaving out crucial parts. » 2/05/15 9:56am 2/05/15 9:56am

In the Halo universe, the AI age over time, eventually succumbing to what the books often referred to as "rampancy" where they think themselves to death. That said, I don't recall reading anything to suggest that they actually aged their appearance, but I guess it could happen. » 2/02/15 2:11pm 2/02/15 2:11pm